Meet Bari Nan

photo: Jeffrey Rothchild

photo: Jeffrey Rothchild

I’m a kid from Rutland, Vermont who realized her childhood dream of living in the big city (Boston, Jerusalem and New York, in that order), working in New York as a magazine editor (and marrying a city boy), only to find myself longing for the mountain life again. I moved to Park City, UT with my husband after making the following statement: “I don’t want to ski five days a year, I want to ski five days a week!” Since moving here in 2001, I’ve become an expert skier, a sometime editor, an always writer, a mother (twice), an RV traveler, an inveterate community volunteer, and a person who knows that making the life you want is a matter of choice.

My personal life makes my professional life all the richer, and vice-versa. A typical day will include as many of the following activities as I can cram in: working on a magazine story in my home office, volunteering in my kids’ classrooms, skiing or snowshoeing with my friends, racing through yet another trip to the grocery, hitting a coffee shop with wi-fi to write, attempting to not ruin dinner in the kitchen I borrow from my husband who is a great cook, prepping for a preschool board meeting, cramming for book club, driving a carpool to Hebrew School at Temple Har Shalom, scheming with my husband about our next ski day/RV trip/date night. I am a survivor of Cushing’s Syndrome, and a fitness fanatic.

One comment

  1. Susan Kane · April 9, 2015

    Bari Nan? Did I just send you a message, or me a message? Ha! It’s Susan Kane! Email me! look foward to catching up!


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