About My Work

For fifteen years, I have been a writer and editor for women’s magazines. I have been the entertainment editor at the now-shuttered teen mag, YM, the healthy-lifestyle bible, SELF, and the benchmark of American family life, Good Housekeeping. In these jobs and as a freelance writer for magazines and websites including More, American Baby, Weight Watchers Magazine, Babble.com, Marie Claire, Shape, Prevention, among others, I have interviewed celebrities, leading health experts, green living gurus, politicians, beauty mavens, everyday moms and dads—and more. What this means is that if you run into me at a cocktail party, you have no idea if you will get a tidbit about the Backstreet Boys, the latest scoop on long-wearing mascara, or cutting edge information on breast cancer research. Or, you can play it safe and hit me up for a tale of my latest adventure on skis or in my motor home. Yes, I’ve filed stories from chairlifts and RV resorts (but never in the same day–yet!).

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