Latke Philosophy

Making daily meals often turns into the kind of drudgery I can’t bear. Sure, I’m a fan of making home-cooked breakfast for my family, but dinner? Ugh. However, I LOVE making latkes for Hanukkah. This year’s were extra-yummy, and the holiday, so far, has been extra sweet. We shared the first night with friends who are new to town but seem like familiar buddies, already.


And we’ve had some really nice, quiet family moments, too. IMG_0450

But I can’t take all the credit.

Sure, I added an apple and a yam to the usual Idaho Russet potatoes and sweet onions (yum!). But as I cooked mine, Jeff (who’s the better cook, by far) was noodling around with some Ben Folds Five tunes on the piano. Scientists have long debated whether music can help plants grow, but I’m pretty sure that music (including Jeff’s mojo) tuned up my Hanukkah feast.


“I got my philosophy.” What’s yours?

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