Halloween Helpers


Our neighbors have four children whom we have watched fly from their nest, one by one. By the time we moved here, they were deep enough into the rituals of parenthood, that they knew the importance of creating a village on our block. Their teenagers each had the benefit of our watchful gaze. That is, they had the threat of such a thing. We were not yet parents when Sue started calling to say, “We are going out of town…the kids are staying. You’ll keep a eye out?” For what, we had no clue. But we agreed. Then, when Lance was born, Sue helped launch the next generation’s village. She threw a shower for him, and our neighbor’s newborn daughter. Their birthdays are days apart. They are the kind of friends who, without question, “get” each other. Little Brother worships his big bro’s sweet pal, and her older sister, who babysits them.

Today, as our neighbor’s daughter and son-in-law were flying across the country from the East Coast, to visit with their infant son, Sue invited the four younger kids to help decorate the house for Halloween.

Let me explain something: Utah takes Halloween seriously. No one more so than
Sue. She and her husband preside over the type of silly haunted house that attracts people from the Salt Lake Valley to visit. And, for several years, now, these four kids have gotten to participate in the decorating–and in adding to the atmosphere on Halloween.

I’m grateful. These neighbors, these dear friends, are giving our kids the kinds of memories they’ll keep always. And, I suspect, they are giving our kids the message that they watch out for them, cheer for them, share sadness when it comes. But today was just plain fun.


One comment

  1. Sue · October 7, 2012

    Since my kids are all grown and flown by now, I always get a little melancholy when Halloween rolls around (or maybe it’s just fall because I know that winter is coming). But I LOVE IT when the four kids call to ask, “Can we come help with Halloween?” I have so much fun and it brings back memories of my kids helping to decorate…..spiders, coffin, mummy, and the littlest one’s favorite….the swords.
    I love watching them grow, and all too soon they will have grown and flown. Keep ’em young….let the Halloween festivities begin.


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