It was a lot funnier a couple of hours ago

You know it’s one of THOSE days when you’re on the phone with your husband for the umpteenth time with yet another update from the home front, and he just starts the sympathetic chuckle. 

He: “I’m so sorry about your day, honey.”

Me: “Me, too. If I tell anyone else the hour-by-hour recap, they will think I’ve taken the plunge into fiction writing.” Unless, of course, they are also parents. In which case, it will sting with truth and the recognition that most weeks are like this, but the ones that include less sleep are harder to believe. On account of how sleep deprivation makes your brain go all mushy. 

ImageIn the last 50 hours, I’ve had about 6 hours of sleep (due to puppy who tends to puke at night) and have taken the puppy to the vet twice, then had him admitted to the pet hospital. Between 2pm and 6 pm I was at the vet once (having been there first at 11am), the orthodontist twice and the synagogue for two separate hebrew school drop offs, thanks to the orthodontist fix. Which included a surprise tooth extraction. Which will precipitate a tooth fairy appearance, complete with reply to note from son, as is his custom in all matters tooth fairy. 

In these days, i thought i was outsmarting the midnight laundry gods by changing the bedwetting four year-old (first ever night accident, natch) into dry pjs and inviting him to crash in my bed. Only to have to wake him and my husband when the puppy puked on my sheets, which, yep, then needed to be changed. At three am. 

In these same days, I planned ahead to grab pizza during karateImage lessons, so that the kids could eat in preparation for a post-karate doctor appointment. Only to have one son drop half the pizza on the floor because he was walking around with his buddies while eating the pizza. Because, of course, he’s easily distracted, which was one reason for the evening appointment. At said appointment, we said nothing much was new, while revealing that there had been all sorts of new in the last three months—all of which we took in stride, because that’s how we roll. Constantly. 

In these same days, we learned that our son, the pizza dropper, who nearly refused to try out for the two-county spelling bee, was one of only three children in his grade from his school to qualify for said bee.  

In these same days, I have spent $186 at the grocery store, with the only actual grocery items purchased being K-Cup pod coffee, bananas, frozen waffles,eggs and almond milk. And protein powder. The rest? Anyone’s guess. Then, supervised the continuing bookcase project in my house (big one, with ladder, ), the new stone work to the outside of the house, scheduled and visited a door maker, scheduled a meeting with the housepainter, and sent umpteen requests and follow-ups to celebrities’ reps, for interviews, juggled grocery unpacking with a phone call to an editor. All while trying to plan my son’s birthday party around Mother’s Day (his actual birthday, so no go for a party that day) and a massive relay race that benefits the Park City Education Foundation, in which the whole town participates, and a karate tournament. I have agreed to rescheduling a client dinner for my husband, which was postponed because the client’s dog got sick. 

All of this amounts to a process story, which details how I came to be writing this post in order to distract myself from the fact that I am worried sick about a 3.5 pound puppy named Archie. 

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  1. yesterday qualifies as one really bad day… hopefully the vet will have some better news today…


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