Big Miracle opens Feb 3—get out and see it!

When Big Miracle opens in theaters next weekend, many people in the Park City community will have attended a special sneak preview screening at Temple Har Shalom on Jan 29. Which is not to say that someone got hold of a bootleg DVD and the gang was found crowding into the Rabbi’s office to watch. As it happens, Temple Har Shalom has another identity for the 10 days of the Sundance Film Festival: Temple Theater. And the congregation “borrowed” the theater so that the film, which was co-written by THS member Jack Amiel, ccould be screened on  the morning of the 29th for this special event. It was a fundraiser for our terrific congregation, and naturally, it sold out.

However, if you couldn’t get a ticket to the event and/or you live far away… but you think it’s pretty awesome that one of our members co-wrote the movie, please consider going to see the film Feb 3, 4 or 5 (anytime during its run would be great, but opening weekend numbers mean a LOT to the people who make the film and the studio that distributes it, so, really, don’t wait.). And if you’re inclined to make a donation to the temple in honor of the Amiel family’s generosity, allow me to provide you with the link, so you can donate online. (By the way, I didn’t tell the Amiels that I am launching an ancillary fundraising campaign in their honor. But I know they won’t mind, since they have worked so hard to make this event happen to benefit the temple. They are a great couple—and Darcy and I have already forgiven each other for the fact that we attended rival high schools in upstate New York in the 80s.)  There’s a very cool story, here, about our community—so, nu, maybe you’ll be inspired to visit, too.

The film stars Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski — he’s an Alaska-based news reporter anxious to move into a bigger market, she’s an outspoken environmentalist (and his ex-girlfriend). When he breaks the story of his career—about a family of gray whales trapped in the ice— they must work together to navigate local, national and world politics to help save these whales. Based on a true story, Big Miracle shows what happens when superpowers, native populations and oil companies come together to free the whales. I can’t wait to see it.


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