Scenes from a marriage of mixed culinary aptitude…

The scene: Living room, night.

The mood: Upbeat. Chopped is on Food Network. Kids are fed, sleeping in their rooms.

Me: I’m in the mood for baked goods.
He: I can go get some
Me: I don’t even know what I want.
He: Black and White cookies? Rugelach?
Me: Tease.
He: No, I can get them at Whole Foods.
Me: But you haven’t even eaten dinner yet.
He: Um, it looks like there is a suspicious amount of it still left…
Me: Well…
He: How are the turkey burgers
Me: Dry. Like hockey pucks. Which is fine, if you like that sort of thing.
He: So what you mean to tell me is that in addition to rugelach…I should get an egg salad sandwich?

Me: Yes. Perhaps. And also, if they have some sort of cookie that has an oatmeal-y, molasses-y kind of granola bar texture?

He: Sandpaper?

Me: Gluey sandpaper.


Me: And some brownies.



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