Scenes from a marriage of mixed culinary aptitude…

The scene: Living room, night.

The mood: Upbeat. Chopped is on Food Network. Kids are fed, sleeping in their rooms.

Me: I’m in the mood for baked goods.
He: I can go get some
Me: I don’t even know what I want.
He: Black and White cookies? Rugelach?
Me: Tease.
He: No, I can get them at Whole Foods.
Me: But you haven’t even eaten dinner yet.
He: Um, it looks like there is a suspicious amount of it still left…
Me: Well…
He: How are the turkey burgers
Me: Dry. Like hockey pucks. Which is fine, if you like that sort of thing.
He: So what you mean to tell me is that in addition to rugelach…I should get an egg salad sandwich?

Me: Yes. Perhaps. And also, if they have some sort of cookie that has an oatmeal-y, molasses-y kind of granola bar texture?

He: Sandpaper?

Me: Gluey sandpaper.


Me: And some brownies.


Best leftover turkey idea, yet!

So, of course, I’m looking forward to the awesome meal Ski Dad will prepare for Thanksgiving. But what I’m ever-so-curious about is what on earth we’re going to do with all the leftover turkey? Well, if we have our thinking caps on, we’ll make some of the Deer Valley Turkey Chili that is a signature menu item at Deer Valley Resort. And if we’re really smart, we’ll borrow a page from the idea books at the Deer Valley Grocery Cafe, a year-round restaurant that carries take-and-heat versions of resort favorites, and a dine-in menu that’s clever and fun. I’m yakking about the best-ever application of Turkey Chili I ate at the DV Grocery Cafe, today, on my Deer Valley Resort Blog. Read it and…drool. I give you….. Turkey Chili Nachos.