100% Chance of Snow

That’s tonight’s forecast. And tomorrow’s.


I am SO ready.

View from our kitchen door

This is what autumn snow looked like last October

Except for the fact that I don’t currently own a pair of functional skis. But I can’t get bogged down in the details (and, also, I can take comfort in the fact that Florida Keys Girl stores her skis in my garage, so I’ll be able to start the season by making sure her oft-neglected boards get some action.  (Anyway, she just got a dog, who is so cute my Little Guy insisted on eating dinner with this new pup’s picture displayed on the screen of our kitchen computer…my point is, I will be surprised if she and Florida Keys Guy can tear themselves away from little Babka for as many ski days as they usually spend in Utah. Which means it falls to me to see to it that her skis don’t feel neglected, what with the new family member and all.)

Anyway, I had to smile this afternoon, when I heard “100 percent chance of snow” during my favorite afternoon show on KPCW, as host Randy Barton started handicapping the snow line—official reports called for somewhere in the mid 7000 feet range, but Randy noted the temps and started calling for a lower line. We’ll see.

The truth is, I’ve been antsy for a couple of weeks—and started gabbing about it with some of the folks at Deer Valley who are charged with preparing the resort for the season. You can find out about my skiing daydreams—and get some inspiration from some people who really have the inside track (ahem)  on perfect ski days at my Deer Valley blog. What’s YOUR perfect ski day?


  1. Florida Keys Girl · October 6, 2011

    I am pretty sure we will be able to tear ourselves away for a bit to ski. The test will come when FKGuy needs to get his ski fix in and leave the dog simultaneously… we shall see how that goes. Her first test with us traveling will be in 3.5 weeks when we go to NY.


  2. Florida Keys Girl · October 6, 2011

    Oh, and enjoy the skis… they are great!


  3. in a world surrounded by men · October 6, 2011

    OK, you pumped me up to embrace it. Especially since this is likely going to be a unique year as far as lots of freedom to get out on the hill before I’m called to come to China and pick up my sweet girl, who will then need lots of tender loving care and not be old enough for a chairlift. Alas, the mountain will always be there!


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