Will wearing Pajama Jeans make me famous?

Last week I got to Babbling about As Seen on TV Products—you know, the kind that suck you in with all sorts of promises and double the supply for no extra charge (except for exorbitant shipping and handling charges). I tried out a bunch for Babble.com, and in case you missed the story, you can check it out over there.

I mentioned, but did not try out, Pajama Jeans. Fill in the blanks for yourself on why—but having heard from the PR guy for the jeans (yes, like every other brand of jeans, they have their own PR guy, who seems very nice. His name is Jose.), who says celebs like Lisa Rinna, Holly Madison and Gayle King just adore them, I fear that by putting them on, I place myself at risk for becoming famous. I like my semi-anonymous life, wherein I can dress day-in-day-out in yoga pants. Which are, by the way, exceedingly comfy. So what if, by slipping into these two-legged denim comfort zones, I become best pals with Lisa, Holly and Gayle (buh-bye Oprah!) just because of the power of the seamless, fleecy, stretchy fabric? Will I ever be able to go to the supermarket in privacy, or will I prove too tempting to the tabloids as famous-person fodder?

I guess there’s only one way to find out—and that’s to accept Jose’s offer (nay, challenge) to try the Pajama Jeans. While I await their arrival, let me know your thoughts on this? All I can think about is that hilarious Tide commercial that might as well have starred Florida Keys Girl and me, waxing on about the multi-purpose aspect of Yoga pants, only to call each other out on the fact that we’re “just too lazy for regular pants.” Would you wear the PJ jeans? Where do you draw the line on casual wear. If it threatens to make you famous, will you run in the other direction? Or (comfortably) leap for joy at the prospect. I’m counting on you, dear readers, for guidance–or at least great debate.







  1. Florida Keys Girl · July 26, 2011

    There are many purposes for yoga pants, and I do not want to hoard the comments section by listing them all. They are very versatile…from business meetings to, well, yoga. I’ve worn them inside out. To a business meeting. Not on purpose. http://floridakeysgirl.com/2011/07/backwards/

    As for the pa-jeans, I just don’t see how these can be flattering. Please post photos. I’m dying to see. Please do not wear them at the same time as the snuggie.


    • Bari Nan · July 26, 2011

      @Florida Keys Girl–Wearing them inside out is just another way to extend the length of time between washes, no? I promise to post photos as soon as I receive the jeans, and Ski Dad returns from biz travel with his camera! As I do not own a Snuggie, I supposed there is no risk of me wearing it with the PaJeans. 🙂


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