Dino birthday!


Nothing highlights the simple pleasures of childhood like playing in the sand & water & ensuing mud. Today, it’s Big Guy’s 8th birthday, and I find myself reflecting not on the joy, relief and anticipation of a bright future that we felt as we experienced his healthy arrival, but on the blessing of living that bright future with him, watching him grow into a protective, enthusiastic and loving big brother, a sensitive, big-hearted, big-brained boy.

He chose a family day for his actual birthday, followed by a day of adventures (tbd) with a buddy next week. Today’s activities, a giant cinnamon bun breakfast followed by an outing to the “dinosaur museum,” a/k/a The Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, UT.

There’s a different kind of maturity in his approach to the exhibits: part authoritative your guide to his little bro, part wonder-struck child. And for my wise-beyond-his years kid to have chosen this is kind of fitting. Watching him engage in the water play and fossil brushing, I told Ski Dad I was glad thus was the birthday boy’s choice, since it won’t be long til the simplicity of it isn’t enticing. As it is, I’m relieved it still holds appeal, as his taste in books, movies, food and electronics becomes more sophisticated by the day.

And then, I’m yanked from my reverie with an outburst from the fossil-brushing pit: “hey! He just threw sand on me!” My precious big boy gets annoyed by the enthusiastic digging of a nearby toddler.

Yep. He’s 8. Thankfully, he still has a lot to learn.


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