Smart. Women. Rule…

…or at least get the last word. Roseanne Barr is unflinchingly honest in this story in New York Magazine.

Her take on fame–and the business of maintaining it, is as fascinating as the accounts of the business of show biz is depressing.

As ever, she’s real. And smarter than most.But it’s depressing to realize that her smarts are what got her in trouble, and had her fighting for what she believed in, even as those threatened by her intelligence tried to play her for a fool.

There isn’t any marriage on TV today that comes close to the clarity and honesty that Roseanne and Dan brought, clear-eyed, to their public every week. There isn’t any family that offers the unvarnished truth the way the Connors did.

And as much as I love watching The Middle (and when I met the show creators, they were disarmingly, charmingly real best friends and practical Midwestern working moms who happen to live in Hollywood, but clearly worked very hard to get there), and it owes a lot to Roseanne, it offers a point of view that is (however deliciously) satirical where Roseanne was hungry–to tell her truth, to reach her people.

It’s why I never miss a chance to watch an episode of Roseanne in reruns.

Who do you love to watch in reruns?

Snow in May

Snow on the rooftops!

This is the view that greeted me this morning. I refused to give into it, however.

No boots: Twinkle Toes sneakers, instead.

No parka, hat, mittens: Electric Lime Green Soft Shell, instead.

And I am drinking iced coffee. Hot beverages are for wimps. Unless they involve a lovely liqueur. But I have too much parenting, driving, etc. to accomplish today, that I can’t compromise my mental state. Which is too bad. Because a TROPICAL adult beverage would go a long way toward reminding my body that it’s Spring!

Please, please, tell me it’s a lovely Spring day in your world?