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  1. Chuck Albrecht · May 2, 2015

    Good Morning Bari, I enjoyed your article on best walking cities. I’m doing research for my town (Newport, RI). We’re pretty walkable, but….want to improve. Any thoughts on who would be willing to talk to me on the subject? Thanks, Chuck Albrecht


    • Bari Nan · August 5, 2015

      Chuck, I’m sorry that I am just seeing this, now. Thanks for your kind words, and your inquiry. I’ll have to check my files—but the story was written several years ago, so I’m not sure any of my sources would be current enough for you. I think if you check in with the city planners in some walkable towns of similar size to Newport (which is QUITE walkable. I loved visiting there when I lived in the East.), they might have good resources for you. Best of luck!


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